If you’re not super familiar with Oris that’s not completely surprising. Whilst the brand dates all the way back to 1904, in the affordable watch space, they aren’t quite as well known as the likes of Seiko, Citizen or Tissot.

But let’s get one thing straight, that doesn’t take away from who they are or the supreme quality of their watches! They promote that high quality because they are completely specialist mechanical watchmakers – abandoning quartz straight off the back of the quartz crisis, staying true to their roots and re-building a solid range of highly accurate pieces through to the present day.

When surveying a new watch brand, after you’ve identified the stylings that appeal to your taste, you’re quickly going to move onto the next question – how much is this watch likely to cost me?

We’re going to break down the average new and used costs across Oris’ three main collections: Diving, Culture and Aviation helping you to understand the true cost of an Oris timepiece!

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The Oris Diving Range

The Oris Diving collection runs all the way back to 1965 where Oris competed alongside many brands in the popular diving watch birth creating some standout pieces. That collection’s popularity has helped continue its growth through the last 55 years or so, with the range now split into 3 further sub ranges: the Aquis, Diver and ProDiver collections.

Oris Aquis Watch Price – New from c. £1,450 – Used from c. £800

Oris promotes their Aquis range as a “collection of diver’s watches which offer real-world functionality in an innovative package, through a combination of considered design, high-performance materials and fit-for-purpose functions.”

If you’re a diving fanatic, or just a diving watch fanatic, there will be a design in this range to suit you with over 20 different variants in this range with a staggering 90+ different model combinations!

Price wise, you’re going to be starting at £1,450 brand new for the Oris 300m Date complication model on a rubber strap, which is a really stellar piece for getting into the Oris market relatively cheaply. At the time of writing, the preowned market for an Oris, similar to the one below, will yield results around £800 – so you can shave some money off if you don’t mind pre-owned.

As we mentioned above, the Aquis range is huge, with a number of higher end models not only stacking themselves with enhanced features, but also their sales contributing to many or Oris’ philanthropic causes. As an example, the Depth Gauge Chronograph model starts at £3,850 brand new with pre-owned prices dropping down to £2,600 depending on condition.

Oris Divers Watch Price – New from c. £1200 – Used from c. £1,000

With a nod back to their 1965 diving-watch origins, the Divers range is led almost exclusively by the ‘Sixty-Five’ models combining classic aesthetics with modern production techniques. This range has a slightly more casual feel to it than the Aquis, and brings over 40 variations in size, strap and functionality.

You’ll start off with a model such as the 42mm on leather, incorporating classic date, bezel and 100m water resistance features, costing around £1,200 brand new rising up to around £3,600 for one of the limited edition bronze pieces. Pre-owned you’ll be able to find deals well under £1,000 especially if you’re willing to take a textile strap configuration.

Oris Divers Sixty-Five – 733 7720 4055-07 5 21 02

Oris ProDiver Watch Price – New from c. £2,550 – Used from c. £2,000

The last item in Oris’ Diving range is the ProDiver, with a range of watches which, as the name suggests, are for your professional divers that need greater levels of accuracy and enhanced functionality. The range splits itself into two key variants, the standard pieces (offering GMT and Chronograph functions) and the Dive Control Limited Edition (incorporating Oris’ patented Rotation Safety System.)

The GMT prices start at £2,550 brand new with the Dive Control rising upwards to £3,900 but if you head into the pre-owned market, you’ll be able to save yourself at least £500 on either model!

ProDiver GMT Titanium – 74877487154MB

If you want to take a look further into Oris’ diving range you can check out their website here. It’s a huge collection, with something for any diving watch taste with Oris’ doing some fantastic work for sea life conservation so you know your purchase will also do some good!

The Oris Culture Collection

Moving away from diving, the Oris Culture collection provides a number of different sleek and elegant dress watches perfect for any formal occasion or as a smart work watch. Again this collection is broken down into two separate ranges: The Artelier and The Classic. 

Oris Artelier Watch Price – New from c. £970 – Used from c. £800

Oris pitch the Artelier range as embodiment of watchmaking heritage, combining bespoke in-house movements with a range of timeless design styles incorporating skeleton, day/date, day/night and power reserve indicator complications. As with the variation we saw in the Aquis range, the Atelier has over 14 different models with over 140+ style variations!

Whilst we won’t go into granular detail on each one, you’ll be able to start below £1,000 at around £970 for their simplest Artelier Date model (stainless steel, on black leather) ranging up and above £11,000 for the 18K Gold, Calibre 111 models.

Unfortunately, you won’t be shaving huge amounts of money off these pieces at either end of the price bracket, with modest savings around £200 if you’re lucky in the market. At that rate, with the benefit of buying pre-owned minimised, you may as well buy new!

Oris Classic Watch Price – New from c. £900 – Used from c. £600

The Classic range prides itself on being exactly that, classic! It’s simple round case, three hands and date indicator make it purely targeted to those with understated tastes but still offers a variety of over 25 models to choose from! Varying between a 28.5mm and 42mm ladies and mens variation, with a choice of straps, dials and and plate styles, the Classic range has something for everyone. 

The blue faced, black leather variant will start you off around £900 but for this you’re getting high spec, stainless steel & sapphire crystal finish with prices down as low as £600 on the preowned market. Taking on a gold plated, stainless steel strap will push the prices up to £1,100 and £950 for brand new and preowned respectively! 

Oris Classic Date

Both of the ranges in the Oris Culture collection offer some really classy and understated dress watches, allowing you to get Swiss luxury at an affordable price, well under £1,000. Again, take a look at the Oris website to explore the range further!

The Oris Aviation Collection

Since 1910, Oris have been making watches specifically for those that like taking to the skies! These watches match sleek, bold design with varying degree of additional complications all with tracking time off the ground in mind. The collection has two distinct ranges, BC3 and the Big Crown, with the Big Crown broken down even further to the ProPilot, ProPilotX and the standard Big Crown. Let’s walk through them all!

Oris BC3 Watch Price – New from c. £950 – Used from c. £600

The BC3 prides itself on being a pilot’s pilot watch – combining robust design and great performance, with large, easy to read, aesthetics. The BC3 comes in a single design format – large 42mm dial, large numbering and a day/date indicator found at the 6 o’clock position. The variations comes from materials and colouring with a range of dial and bracelet variations to match different tastes.

Oris BC3 – 01 735 7641 4165-07 8 22 03

Brand new, the price is going to vary between about £950 – £1050 depending predominantly on your choice of bracelet/strap! If you want to get into the Oris market cheaply, this may be the watch for you, with new and barely used BC3’s found online for around £600! Bear in mind you will be shooting for a rubber/textile strap here, but it’s the way to get a fairly neutrally designed Oris at a bargain price!

Oris Big Crown Watch Price – New from c. £1,000 – Used from c. £800

The Big Crown range has by far the most heritage in the Oris Aviation range with the design inspiration dating back to Oris’s Aviation watches of the 1930’s. Similar to the BC3, the Big Crown incorporates that large dial/large numbering format to make reading at a glance easy for the wearer. The Big Crown sets itself apart from the BC3 with it’s feature set and movement, combining further complications such as a date hand indicator, alongside a more powerful, longer lasting set of mechanics.

Oris Big Crown Pointer – 01 754 7741 4065-07 5 20 63

An entry level Big Crown Pointer will cost just over £1,000 brand new at £1,160 with prices rising above £2,000 for some of the limited edition models! Prices for a pre-owned model will fall as low as £625 (small dial size e.g 38mm) but in general, expect to find something around £800 if you want some variety.

Oris Big Crown ProPilot Watch Price – New from c. £1,200 – Used from c. £800

The ProPilot take the Big Crown we’ve seen above and really starts juicing up the functionality, perfect for those pilots that wants to be on top of the numbers.

At their most basic, the ProPilot ‘WorldTimer’ model is going to give you some dual time offerings with the most advanced GMT models sitting atop of the range. Also keep an eye out for the ‘Altimeter’ models giving Oris the leading position in the Mechanical Watch/Altimeter market.

Oris Big Brown ProPilot Altimeter – 01 733 7705 4164-SET 8 23 19

Prices for these will vary between £1,200 – £4,250 depending on that spec level but for the models at the cheaper end, expect to find a second hand deal around the £800 mark!

Oris Big Crown ProPilotX Watch Price – New from c. £5,600 – Used from c. £4,500

To finish up the Aviation collection, we take a look at the ProPilot X. Here we strip away some of the additional chronograph features in favour of two key differences: case material and skeleton design. Both watches come in titanium and features a skeleton design which beautifully showcases the inner working of the 115 calibre movement.

Oris Big Crown ProPilot X – Oris
01 115 7759 7153-Set7 22 01TLC

Available with either a leather or titanium strap, the ProPilotX also features a 10 day, non-linear power reserve indicator alongside sapphire crystal case back. These are really high end, novelty pieces setting you back £5,600 & £5,950 for leather or titanium respectively. The preowned market is surprising very busy with ProPilot X’s, on leather you can regularly pick one up at below £4,500 leading to a saving well over £1,000!

Whether you’re after big dial/big number flying watches or something with a little more power and functionality, Oris will likely have something for you from either the Big Crown or BC3 collections. Check them out below!